You may feel pressed to replace the garage door with a similar model out of simplicity. After all, it’s a big, financial decision. Wait! There are more types of garage doors than you may have known.

Each door type adds a unique charm and functionality to the home’s exterior. Replacing your garage door is also recommended by The Close to increase curb appeal!

Where do you begin? How much are the costs? These questions, answered, in the following sections below.

The Types of Garage Doors and Their Materials

Your choice of material is affected by location, budget, and intended style. Some types of garage doors are better suited in the South. Others make for a spectacular choice to accent the various home architectural styles.

Wood (and Composite)

Wood garage doors have visual elegance and tradition. But, they’re expensive to produce. Its susceptibility to weather and warping make them hard to maintain.

Composite wood garage doors reproduce similar visual flair. They are a far cheaper alternative to wood doors with an added benefit of insulation. Yet, the cheap fiberboard used in their production creates a lower build quality.


Aluminum passes savings onto the customer because of their inexpensive building materials. These durable, garage doors are resistant to harsh weather. Though, they’re easy to dent and susceptible to heat.


Steel garage doors are highly resistant to weathering and damage. They combine the elegance of wood garage doors through their malleable design. Steel doors are energy-efficient and customizable.

It makes them an all-around, great choice when installing or replacing.


Glass garage doors combine metal frames with glass inserts to provide a contemporary look and design for the home. These doors aren’t overly durable and may cause privacy concerns.

Yet, they are a neat decision if they compliment other design features of your home.


Finally, fiberglass replicates benefits — weather resistance and low costs — but they’re extremely brittle. These doors lack energy efficient features, too. They deserve the last place on your list.

Picking the Best Garage Door for Your Home

Replacing the garage door gives you a great opportunity morph the curb appeal of your home. Here are considerable features when browsing the different types of garage doors.

Opening Style

Consider how they open to determine utility and visual appeal:

  • Sectional — Horizontal paneling held by hinges
  • Tilt — The whole unit lifts up and runs parallel to the ceiling
  • Roll up — Exterior is rolled to save garage space

Sectional garage door style is the most common. Their generic layout lends to their countless, design options due to standardization. Start here but explore other types of garage doors to continue weighing your options.


There are hundreds of complimentary design options. These designs match all kinds of home architecture styles and client needs. Thousands of possibilities become available once you explore vinyl patterns and colors.

Explore the designs via:

The best design continues the visual ‘flow’ of the home. Use mock-ups for a visual representation before making the big, buying decision.

Energy Efficiency

Your budget will play its role but don’t forget the on-going, energy costs!

Consider a type filled with polyurethane foam insulation for optimal energy efficiency. This type of insulation also creates a quieter environment.

Lowering the Overhead (with Overhead)

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