Amarr garage doors

Amarr Garage Doors for Sale in Greater Chicago

Overhead Garage Door, Inc. is a certified dealer of Amarr Garage Doors. We are authorized to install, repair and maintain Amarr’s gallery of garage door styles in and around Chicago suburbs. Our goal is to provide you the highest quality service on Amarr’s full offering of garage door products and models. If you are ready to update your garage door, check out Amarr Garage Doors expansive selection today.


armarr classica garage doorThe stamped Steel carriage house garage door is available in over 100 authentic-looking design options. Durable steel allows Amarr to offer a lifetime warranty at a moderate price point. With a range of R-Value ratings, select the Classica model that is best for your insulation needs and add this timeless style to your residence today.



armarr hillcrest garage doorThe Hillcrest line of Steel Carriage House garage doors from Amarr is an affordable option for your residential garage. At a great price point, the Hillcrest garage door line offers a lifetime warranty and moderate thermal efficiency, perfect for a home owner looking for a great value and design.



Designer’s Choice

armarr designer's choice garage doorKnown for it’s superior energy efficiency, the Designer’s Choice Carriage House garage door by Amarr is the obvious choice for energy-conscious home and business owners. A large window selection and heavy duty hardware make this garage door easily customizable.




armarr heritage garage doorsThis low-maintenance, Steel garage door design from Amarr is a cost-effective option for the homeowner looking for durability and longevity. The Heritage collection garage door offers a lifetime warranty and moderate insulation.





armarr stratford garage doorsExtremely affordable, the Stratford garage door by Amarr is a traditional style available in low-maintenance steel. The Stratford offers 15 years – Lifetime warranty options. This model is high-wind resistant and offers many safety features, making it a great fit for a residential or commercial garage door.




armarr olympus garage doorsThe traditional Olympus garage door by Amarr is an easily customizable option for residential or commerical garage doors. This model is highly rated for energy-efficiency. The moderate price point make this durable, long-lasting style an easy choice for homeowner’s interested in adding visual appeal and superior quality to their home exterior.



armarr biltmore garage doorsThe highest price point offering from Armarr Garage Doors is the Biltmore authentic wood model. This modern take on timeless wood garage doors is appropriately named for the elegance of the Biltmore Estate. The garage door comes with a one year warranty and is moderately rated for thermal efficiency.



Oak Summit

Similar to the Classica garage door line, Armarr’s Oak Summit Carriage House Garage Doors offer over 70 style options for a classic take on the traditional carriage house. Unique door designs allow homeowner’s to add a touch of their personal style, while wind load doors provide security and durability. This line comes with a 15 year warranty.




armarr lincoln garage doorsAmarr’s Lincoln garage door collection offers over 150 traditional garage door styles. The Lincoln collection is made of low-maintenance, hardwearing steel.  With a lifetime warranty, moderate R-Value rating, and a great value price point, the Lincoln garage door series is a perfection option for your home or business.



Bob Timberlake

armarr bob timberlake garage doorsReminiscent of Bob Timberlake’s work, the Armarr garage door line offers cedar grain, wood garage doors at price point to match the quality of the design. The Bob Timberlake Garage Door line also includes designs elements to compliment the overall aesthetic. This line comes with a 1 year warranty.




armarr vista garage doorsThe Vista Garage Door line by Armarr is perhaps the most contemporary offering by the brand. With unique glass options and sleek, modern lines, this style is the perfect compliment to your architectural home design. Offering a 5 year warranty, the Vista Garage Door is an ideal option for the modernistic home or business owner.


Amarr Garage Doors also offers a custom garage door build, which allows the homeowner to pick and choose from a variety of window, material, color and style options to create their dream garage door. Contact Overhead Garage Door, Inc. today to plan your Armarr Garage Door repair or installation.