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Garage Door Supplier in Lake County, Illinois

When it comes to your home, it’s all about the details, and those details include your garage door.

As styles and trends change, one thing remains the same: Your garage door should match your home, showcase your style, and be a highly functional and reliable part of your home. After all, the garage is where you store important belongings like your cars, bicycles, heirlooms, expensive yard equipment, and more. Your garage door also adds to your home’s curb appeal, which can help if you decide to sell your house in the future.

Not all garage doors are created equal, and neither are the brands that produce them. However, the garage doors for sale here at Overhead Garage Door are some of the very best.

Learn more about the brands we carry and what you can expect for your garage door replacement.

Overhead Garage Door provides garage door installation and repair services on all garage door and operator products from our brand name manufacturers.


Click on the logos below to learn more about the brands we carry.

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Clopay garage door distributor

Clopay has a wide variety of garage doors to choose from, so no matter what your style is, you can be happy with your options. Look into their Coachmen, Gallery, Cypress, Avante, and Grand Harbor collections to find garage doors that are made from wood, steel, aluminum, and glass with styles ranging from contemporary to carriage house.

We also carry limited-edition garage doors from Clopay, including the Canyon Ridge and Reserve collections. The whole idea behind Clopay is to combine functionality with beauty so you can enjoy your garage door for a long time to come. Clopay is the largest garage door manufacturer in North America, so you can feel confident in the quality of your purchase.

C.H.I. Overhead Doors

C.H.I factory certified distributor

There is a lot of customization you can enjoy with C.H.I. Overhead Doors, including panels, overlays, stamped designs, and accent planks. For a timeless and refined feel, think about using a raised panel design, one of the most popular garage door looks. Recessed panel is another traditional style that preserves the natural aesthetic of your home. For something a little more contemporary, the flush panel option can incorporate windows and a geometric silhouette.

Wayne Dalton

Wayne Dalton garage door distributor

Wayne Dalton garage doors offer a wide range of options so you can truly get the garage door that fits your home’s style perfectly. All of their garage doors are made with some of the highest quality materials like wood, fiberglass, steel, vinyl, and aluminum, so you can feel confident in what you’re paying for. Your personal tastes are unique, so you’ll be happy to know that Wayne Dalton has many colors and coats to choose from and over 16 garage door collections so you can go for a truly customized look.

Amarr Garage Doors

Amarr garage doors distributor logo

Another company with an expansive selection of garage door offerings is Amarr Garage Doors. Their models include the Classica, Hillcrest, Heritage, Designer’s Choice, Stratford, Olympus, Biltmore, Oak Summit, Lincoln, Bob Timberlake, and Vista. The Classica is a popular choice because it not only has a timeless style, but it also has over 100 design options. If you’re looking for a low-maintenance option at a great cost, look into the Stratford. It’s set in a traditional style that’s also wind-resistant.

If you don’t see exactly what you want, Amarr offers a completely customized build where you pick the material, color, style, and hardware to bring your dream door to life.

Haas Door

Haas Door garage door distributor

Haas Door offers eight different series for their garage doors, including American Traditional, Insulated Aluminum 5000, Residential Aluminum 360, Insulated Steel 2000, Insulated Steel 700, Insulated Steel 600, the 2400 series, and the 2500 series. Their American Traditional series has wrought iron hardware along with 12 door designs and 10 window designs. If embossed wood grain is more your style, the Insulated Steel 700 doors are something to consider. They are a long-lasting and stylish option that’s also low-maintenance.

Because Chicago weather can be unpredictable, Haas Door provides options that are rust-free and corrosion-free, protect your home from overwhelming heat and cold, combat gusts of wind, and are energy-efficient.

Ideal Door

ideal door garage doors

Ideal Door’s traditional steel garage doors have an Intellicore layer that provides a thick layer of insulation, effectively protecting the contents inside your garage from the staggering heat. This is an especially fine choice when your garage is right next to a major room of your home, such as the living room or a bedroom. Ideal Door’s designer steel doors are specially made to produce less noise compared to other steel doors. If you have a kid’s room or another bedroom right next to the garage or even a living space above it, this is a great option for you.

Because style is important, too, we can’t leave out that Ideal Door has high-end wood garage doors that are popular with those who have craftsman or farmhouse homes. If you’re looking for a door that has accent windows and ornate hardware for a moderate price, Ideal Door also has you covered there with their Better Designer Steel Garage Doors.

LiftMaster Professional

Chamberlain LiftMaster service provider

While a garage door itself comes with its own function and perks, LiftMaster Professional‘s garage door openers and accessories are the perfect accompaniment to an already amazing product.

In addition to offering a whole standby power system in case you have a power outage, LiftMaster Professional also has a wall-mounted opener to save you space, openers with excellent horsepower ratings for the maximum lifting capacity you may need with some of the heavier garage doors, and even openers that promote a quiet atmosphere. With this option, say goodbye to the days of loud rattling as you lift or close your garage door. If you are technology-focused, you’ll love the garage door opener enabled with Wi-Fi. Use your smartphone to open, close, and monitor your garage door from any location.

At Overhead Garage Door, we are committed to getting you the garage door you and your home need. Whether you’re focused on price, style, capability, security, or all of the above, contact us today to get started on your project. Before you know it, you’ll have a garage door that makes your home look and function better than it already does.


Hormann logo

With over 90 years of experience, Hormann is a global leader in today’s building components industry who works to provide high-standard, high-quality commercial and residential garage doors.

Hormann offers an array of residential garage door styles to choose from, and are constantly pushing our knowledge and experience to provide a safe, secure, energy efficient and convenient access to your home.

A home’s garage door is one of its most noticeable features. This part of your house impacts its function, curb appeal, and value. Our team at Overhead Garage Door fully understands the importance of this feature and offers a full range of services to meet all your garage door needs.

The Importance of Your Garage Door

Your garage door serves a number of essential purposes in your home. It’s important to have this entrance in good condition so it can do its job well. Consider the following benefits that you enjoy from your garage door.


One of the primary functions of a garage door is to provide security for your family, home, and belongings. This is typically a major entry point to the home. If your garage door isn’t secure, your house isn’t secure either. Your garage may also protect a number of valuable belongings such as your car, recreational vehicles, sporting equipment, and landscaping tools. A low-quality garage door or one with obvious damage may present an easy target to thieves and intruders.

Your garage door also protects you from the elements. Snow, sleet, rain, and wind can all threaten your belongings. A carport offers moderate coverage for your vehicle, but it won’t help if the wind begins tossing heavy debris around, or precipitation freezes on your windshield. A garage door provides superior protection for everything that you store in this part of the house.


When it’s open, your garage door provides easy access to an essential area. A properly functioning automatic garage door will open at the touch of a button and allow you to pull your car, lawnmower, or bike right in. This door may also offer the best access point to your home when you’re bringing in groceries or having new furniture delivered to your house. If your garage door doesn’t open easily, you’re dealing with a major inconvenience that could be solved with a timely professional repair.

Curb Appeal

Your garage door adds a great deal to your curb appeal. There are so many color, material, and style options so you can pick the one that suits your home’s architecture as well as your personal preferences. You can use your garage door as a bold focal point on the front of your home, featuring elements like windows or decorative hardware.

The right garage door can complement your home’s style, while the wrong door may create a disjointed appearance. Consider pairings like stamped carriage house doors on a modern farmhouse, sleek recessed panel doors for a craftsman-style home, or raised panel doors for a colonial home.

Home Value

According to the 2018 Cost vs. Value Report from Remodeling magazine, a garage door replacement provides the best return on investment of any home improvement project. National data indicates that you can expect to recoup a whopping 98.3% of the cost for a new garage door when you sell your home, so this is one investment that really will pay you back.

Energy Efficiency

A new garage door can increase your home’s energy efficiency, effectively offsetting some of the installation costs by way of energy savings. Clopay reports that a well-insulated door can keep your garage 10 to 20 degrees warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

This carries over to your house by letting less of the hot or cool air in when you head in and out of the garage. A properly insulated door will also make it more comfortable for you to spend time in the garage, whether you’re working on a bike, cleaning out the car, reorganizing your tools, or tackling other projects.

Essential Garage Door Maintenance

If your garage door isn’t properly maintained, it won’t offer all the benefits mentioned above. Annual garage door maintenance is one of the best ways to ensure that this part of your home is always in good condition. As part of a routine maintenance visit, our experienced maintenance technicians can:

  • Inspect the condition of springs, cables, and pulleys.
  • Garage door balance.
  • Tighten essential hardware.
  • Lubricate moving parts.
  • Inspect the rollers and replace as needed.
  • Check and replace weather stripping.
  • Test the auto-reverse function for safety.
  • Adjust the tracks.

You can also handle some garage door maintenance yourself. Listen to your door’s operation on a daily basis and be mindful of unusual scraping or grinding noises. Check the tracks routinely for debris and clean them so they can move the door smoothly and efficiently. You should wash your garage door with mild all-purpose soap several times a year to keep it clean. Sand and repaint as needed for a fresh, attractive appearance.

Professional Garage Door Repairs

If your garage door isn’t working properly, it’s best to contact an experienced professional for repairs. The garage door is a large, heavy piece of equipment, and it can cause serious injuries if it’s not operating properly. Our team members are equipped to handle any garage door issue safely and effectively. Our garage door repair services include:

  • Replacing springs, cables, rollers, or pulleys.
  • Getting the garage door back on its tracks.
  • Properly balancing the weight of the garage door.
  • Repairing a faulty garage door sensor.
  • Repairing garage door panels.

New Garage Door Installations

A new garage door installation is a big job. Our team members at Overhead Garage Door can help you select the right door for your home’s dimensions, style, and energy efficiency needs. We can recommend the best manufacturers for your personal style and price range. We have an extensive collection of name-brand garage doors for you to choose from. We’ll help you understand the differences between aluminum, steel, wood, fiberglass, and vinyl so you get exactly what you need. Once you’ve chosen your new door, we’ll assist you with the ordering, delivery, and installation.

Whether you’re interested in routine maintenance, a quick repair service, or thoughtful assistance purchasing a new garage door, Overhead Garage Door can help. We proudly serve the greater Chicagoland area. Contact us today for all your garage door needs.