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Steel Garage Doors for Sale in Greater Chicago

If you’re looking for a garage door replacement for your Chicago, Illinois, area home, consider getting a steel garage door. Modern steel garage doors are durable, require minimal maintenance, and provide an extra layer of protection for your home. Steel garage doors have an aesthetic appeal for any type of home design and style, and you can easily paint or finish them to blend in with your home’s exterior decor. At Overhead Garage Door, we offer a variety of steel garage doors for sale for those in the Greater Chicago area to fit any budget and home style.

armarr classica garage door

Amarr Classica

armarr hillcrest garage door

Amarr Hillcrest

armarr heritage garage doors

Amarr Heritage

CHI raised panel garage door

C.H.I. Raised Panel

CHI flush panel garage door

C.H.I. Flush Panel

CHI carriage house stamped garage door

C.H.I Carriage House Stamped

Classic steel garage door from Clopay

Clopay Classic Series

Example Of White Coachmen Garage Door

Clopay Coachmen Collection

Gallery Collection White Garage Door

Clopay Gallery Collection

What Are the Benefits of Steel Garage Doors?

Homeowners have a few choices for choosing the type of material for their garage doors. Common materials include:

  • Steel.
  • Wood.
  • Wood composite.
  • Aluminum.
  • Fiberglass.
  • Vinyl.

While each of these types of garage door materials offers something for the homeowner, steel garage doors are the most durable and versatile of all. Wood doors need lots of maintenance. Vinyl and fiberglass aren’t as durable. Aluminum doors can rust and get dented easily.

You can also get insulated steel garage doors to help protect vehicles and items stored inside the garage during inclement weather. As the Chicago area can experience great temperature fluctuations, having insulated garage doors helps provide an extra layer of protection. In addition, steel doors are strong, making it harder for people to break into your garage.

Having a beautiful garage door helps enhance the attractiveness of your home, and steel garage doors come in several designs and patterns to naturally fit your home’s appearance. While steel is a strong component, steel garage doors are lightweight, and with the right equipment, you can easily open and close the doors.

Can You Paint Steel Garage Doors?

Yes, you can paint steel garage doors. Painting the doors adds a layer of protection from the elements and you can customize the color and pattern to fit your needs or artistic flair. You can prepare and paint your garage doors yourself, or if you’d prefer, our team can help you with the process. Follow these steps if you decide to DIY paint your steel garage doors:

  • Remove the old paint. Find a high-quality paint stripper to remove the old paint, or use a sander with medium-grit sandpaper.
  • Sand away any rust or uneven surfaces. After stripping the old paint, look for rust and sand it away.
  • Set up tarps and coverings. Before you begin painting, you’ll want to set up tarps on the ground, tape paper around the garage area, and cover any plants to prevent paint from spilling over where it’s not needed.
  • Apply steel paint primer. Choose a paint primer designed for steel surfaces. Follow the instructions for the primer, including if it’s necessary to sand the garage doors between coats of primer. 
  • Choose your paint. In general, acrylic latex exterior paint is ideal for metal garage doors. It’s designed to adhere to metal surfaces, and it’s easy to clean up brushes and rollers after you’ve finished the painting project.
  • Paint the door. Start at the top of the garage door panels, and work your way down to the bottom. Be sure to smooth out any drip marks and use a small brush to cut into the edges of the garage door.
  • Clean up. Acrylic paint only requires water to clean up brushes, rollers, paint stirrers, and your paint bucket. Dispose of the paint clean-up as regulated by the city or neighborhood standards.

What Are the Most Popular Steel Garage Door Brands Offered at Overhead Garage Door?

We only carry doors made by the top garage door makers. Each brand prides itself on quality construction, premium materials, energy efficiency, and various finishes for its steel garage doors. Our most popular models include:

Clopay Steel Garage Doors

Cloplay is one of the premier makers of modern steel garage doors with its range of design options, from rustic to contemporary. Choose from raised panel designs to smooth panels with modern window designs for a distinct elegant style. Many homeowners in the Chicago area often choose a carriage house design for their garage doors adding a classic and timeless appearance to their home. Clopay offers four styles of steel garage doors: Classic Steel, Modern Steel, Gallery Steel, and Bridgeport Steel. Each style can come with decorative windows for added light.

Amarr Steel Garage Doors

When you’re looking for versatile steel garage door options, Amarr is a smart choice. Modern garage doors with inserted obscure window panels add an open appearance to your home, ideal for country living. These garage doors can be insulated for thermal regulation, and come in styles that reflect your home’s decor. After purchasing an Amarr steel garage door, register it for a product warranty that covers defects in craftsmanship or installation.

C.H.I. Steel Garage Doors

C.H.I. Overhead Doors offers long-lasting, customizable garage doors for any home style. Using C.H.I.’s DoorVisions software, you can easily explore different designs for your garage door to find the exact style you’re looking for. Whether you want a raised panel, a recessed panel, or a stamped steel garage door design, this garage door maker has the variety you’re looking for.

Hormann Steel Garage Doors

Hormann specializes in German-engineered, American-made garage doors for any contemporary home. Their styles include traditional, carriage, and contemporary steel garage doors. The Hormann company strives toward innovative sleek designs, using sustainable practices and materials, and low-maintenance products for all its steel garage doors.

Experience the Durability and Style of Steel Garage Doors

Steel garage doors are a smart choice for homeowners in the Chicago area. They are strong, long-lasting, versatile, and enhance a home’s curb appeal. Our team at Overhead Garage Door invites you to explore our inventory of durable energy-efficient steel doors from top-brand garage door markers. Contact us today to learn more about garage door options and schedule a consultation with one of our experts so we can help you find the perfect steel garage door style and brand for your unique home and needs. We also offer garage door repair services, installations, and panel replacements within our service area.