Garage Door Repair & Installation in Round Lake Beach, IL

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Round Lake Beach, Illinois, offers a sparse suburban feel as home to a beautiful lakefront park and beach. Residents have pride in their homes and neighborhoods, valuing a family-friendly environment with room to roam. Your garage door is a large part of your daily family life, but you may not think about it until something breaks down. If you have a garage door issue or need preventive maintenance, you’ve got a neighborhood Overhead Garage Door location ready to serve you. We offer regular appointments, same-day service, and 24-hour emergency service to suit all of your needs.

Local Garage Door Service

Round Lake Beach home and business owners benefit from having a nearby garage door service that can do it all. We’ll gladly schedule a time to examine your door and provide detailed options and estimates. Minor issues could lead to garage door failure, but it doesn’t take poor garage door performance or damage to warrant checking out the local Overhead Garage Door location. Helpful upgrades for convenience, performance, security, and preventive maintenance will make your life easier and give you peace of mind.

What Are the Signs My Garage Door Needs Attention?

While you can’t predict all breakdowns, there are ways you can watch for potential issues to help prevent emergency service or inconvenience. Keep an eye out for signs you may need to call the Round Lake Beach location of Overhead Garage Door:

  • Door won’t open or close: Several issues cause non-operation, but check for easy fixes, like ensuring the opener is plugged in and has power and checking for bad batteries or a broken garage door opener. Other issues, like a broken cable, require a professional.
  • Louder operation: Extra noise can indicate underlying problems. Popping sounds and irregular movements can indicate bad alignment. Grinding sounds can be a symptom of the door dragging against its track. Abnormal performance often means an issue must be corrected before further damage occurs.
  • Door is off the tracks: Garage doors that have come off their tracks are dangerous and challenging to operate. Rollers could be forcibly torn off, or lift cables could fail. Manual operation is difficult and could result in injury since doors are heavy and can be unstable if not working properly.
  • Door hangs unevenly: Balance issues reveal themselves through doors leaning to one side or sagging in the middle. Uneven doors need adjustment and possibly replacement of components like springs and cables.
  • Slow operation: Doors that don’t open and close as quickly as they used to could be remedied with a quality metal lubricant, such as spray lithium grease, applied to tracks, hinges, and rollers. Worn bushings in the rollers or other issues could impact performance and warrant some repairs.

What Are the Possible Causes of a Door Not Working?

A garage door not opening or closing could be caused by easily fixable issues or require repair. Check for various culprits before calling the Round Lake Beach office for help. Ruling out several potential causes will help you communicate your needs with us and get your garage door back on track sooner. Watch for the following issues:

  • Photo eye: Doors are equipped with a photo eye that sends a laser beam across the opening to make sure no people or obstructions are in the way. Laser eyes are subject to being obstructed by dirt or objects and getting bumped and misaligned. Check to make sure they appear to be lined up.
  • Batteries: The remote batteries may be dead or worn out, impacting performance.
  • Electricity: Make sure the door opener has power. Cords may get unplugged or damaged. Check for a tripped power breaker or a blown fuse.
  • Springs: Broken springs are often the culprit if the motor runs but the door won’t open. Torsion or extension springs are essential to make heavy doors easy to open. Replacing springs is a dangerous job that non-professionals shouldn’t attempt.
  • Cables: Failure or breakage of cables causes their aligned tension spring not to function correctly. Cable repair is dangerous for non-professionals to attempt.
  • Remote: A broken remote or worn-out one won’t work as it should. Check to ensure you’re trying to operate the remote in its specified distance range.
  • Locked door: Ensure there isn’t a security setting that locks the door and overrides attempts to use the opener. Check to make sure the door wasn’t manually locked using the mechanical lock as well.
  • Passcode: Check if the garage door opener or wall-mounted pad passcode needs to be reset. Adding a new remote or other equipment could cause coding issues.
  • Settings: Incorrect settings could affect how a door opener works. Sometimes default settings need to be changed, or wrong sensitivity settings are set.

Contact Overhead Garage Door’s Round Lake Beach Location

Our Round Lake Beach location is ready to serve all your garage door repair and maintenance needs with same-day or 24-hour emergency services options. In addition to servicing existing garage doors, we’re also ready to handle your new garage door installation needs. We can provide garage door installation for new construction, remodeling, or upgrades. Overhead Garage Door is here to handle all your garage door needs and ensure you have the curb appeal, safety, security, and reliability you need.

Our experts at Overhead Garage Door will inspect your door and help you make an informed decision on your maintenance, repair, or replacement options. Time, weather, frequent use, and accidents take their toll on the appearance and function of garage doors. In addition to handling maintenance, emergency repairs, and installation, we can install security and convenience features like remote garage door operating from your phone and upgrade existing components for safety, security, and performance.

With over 35 years of experience, Overhead Garage Door can take on any job, large or small. We can assist with maintenance and check issues like a noisy door opener before they lead to an emergency breakdown. We can handle door and component repair and replacement, sensor calibration, and replace broken or lost remotes. If you need maintenance, a same-day or 24-hour emergency repair, or even a brand-new door, contact us for prompt expert service, detailed information about your options, and pricing.