Garage Door Maintenance

A garage door serves several purposes, such as protecting vehicles and keeping out intruders, so it can be a real inconvenience when it doesn’t work properly. At Overhead Garage Door, we understand how frustrating it can be when your garage door fails to operate correctly, which is why we can help prevent that from occurring by performing regular maintenance such as examining the tracks, checking the hinges, and lubricating the rollers. As a family-owned business, we hire expert technicians to perform the work and offer friendly service while doing so.

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Chicago Garage Door Maintenance

Overhead Garage Door, Inc. is a full service garage door repair and garage door installation company. We offer same day/24 hour emergency service throughout the Chicagoland area.

How often do garage doors need maintenance?

It’s imperative to do twice-a-year inspections on this system, so aim to complete these tasks in the early spring and late fall. The entire process should only take an hour or two to finish unless there are major issues. If that’s the case, it’s best to leave the maintenance to a professional so contact Overhead Garage Door.

Failing to properly care for your garage door can be costly, especially in the Chicago area. One of the main reasons involves the weather. Summers can get extremely warm, while winters can get brutally cold. Don’t forget to add rainy springs and snow that can reach several feet at times. Plus, if the garage is attached to your business or residence, heat escapes every time the door opens in the winter and can take a toll on your heating bill.

The garage door is an important part of your home or business, and unfortunately, it can be overlooked unless there’s an issue. Before you push thoughts of your garage door out of your head, establish a maintenance schedule. Regular garage door maintenance can extend the life of your system and ensure that it operates as smoothly as possible and without issues.


How to maintain your garage door

Before you begin the inspection, it’s best to unplug the automatic door opener. Also, if you’re working with the garage door open, consider affixing a clamp on the track under one of the rollers to prevent the door from slipping. When performing garage door maintenance in Lake County or any other area, consider completing the following tasks:

  • Check the door. About twice a year, take a look at the garage door. Also, check its noise level, and make note if it’s gotten louder. Make sure the opener works correctly as well since garage door openers maintenance is equally as important.
  • Inspect the rollers. Over time, the nylon or steel rollers that guide the door’s panels along the tracks can wear out, so make sure you check them regularly. They typically last seven years, but if you notice cracks, chips, or excessive wear, they might need replacement earlier.
  • Keep tracks clear. Remove any debris, dirt, or buildup on the garage door tracks. Take a look at the alignment of the tracks as well; if you notice it seems incorrect, contact Overhead Garage Door since this repair is best handled by a technician.
  • Lubricate moving parts. Use a spray lubricant on the garage door opener’s chain or screw as well as its overhead springs. Doing so can prevent the door from getting stuck. Lubricate the parts a few times a year.
  • Perform safety checks. Make sure the auto-reverse feature still works properly by placing a piece of wood on the path of the door and activate the door. When the door comes in contact with the block, it should reverse. If it doesn’t, contact Overhead Garage Door.
  • Update weatherstripping. Temperature changes in Chicago can cause the garage door’s weatherstripping to crack and become brittle, causing an increase in your utility bills. Inspect the weatherstripping annually and replace it if necessary.

If you’re unable to perform garage door maintenance service yourself, don’t worry. At Overhead Garage Door, we have trusted employees that we can send out to examine your garage door and all its parts. Also, if you encounter any issues and notice the garage door needs repairs, contact us. Garage doors can cause serious damage if they fall, so it’s best to leave repairs to a trusted professional.

Professional maintenance services

In addition to the maintenance you perform on your garage door, professionals can take a look at the entire system to make sure it’s in the best condition. Our professionals at Overhead Garage Door can come out and inspect your door to ensure all safety codes are met, which is vital in keeping your family safe. When we send someone out for an inspection, they do a complete investigation of the following:

  • Garage door and opener
  • Cables
  • Hinges and lubrication
  • Reversing mechanism
  • Rollers and lubrication
  • Springs and lubrication
  • Tracks
  • Visual sensors
Garage door maintenance in Lake County, Illinois

The Overhead Garage Door Difference

Founded in 1981 by the Kozak family, Overhead Garage Door has always put its customers first. Our high quality of service and commitment to customers has helped us become one of the largest full-service garage door dealers in the Chicagoland area. Over the years, we’ve acquired other garage door dealerships in the area, adding to our already satisfied customer list. Throughout it all, the Kozak family remains involved in the daily operations of the company, ensuring that this family business continues to put the highest importance on customer satisfaction.

At Overhead Garage Door, we only hire the most experienced employees who have at least five years of experience in the industry. These employees undergo background checks, drug tests, and physicals. They also have their work regularly reviewed. When on the job, they are required to wear uniforms and present a photo ID whenever asked. 

If you need garage door maintenance within the Chicagoland area, including just into southeastern Wisconsin, reach out to Overhead Garage Door. We can provide you with a free estimate on service, new garage doors, or just give you expert recommendations regarding questions you might have about your door. We even offer 24-hour emergency garage door repair services to those in the area. Contact us today, and we can help you with all of your garage door needs.