Haas American Tradition Series Garage Doors for Sale in Greater Chicago

If you’re in the market for a superb traditional garage door that offers no maintenance issues, consider the Haas American Traditional Series garage door. You get the benefit of a beautiful traditional carriage house-style garage without the need to conduct regular maintenance and upkeep like you would with a standard wood garage door. Enjoy the beauty of that 1800s vintage look with modern technology.

Overhead Garage Door is here to help you decide whether the Haas American Tradition garage door is right for you. If you decide this is the one, we also offer garage door installation in Lake County. If you already own a Haas garage door that needs repairing, we offer same-day or 24-hour emergency garage service.

Haas American Traditional Series Door Specifications

Haas American Tradition Series Garage Door in Chicago, IL

Haas American Traditional Series doors contain CFC-free polyurethane insulation. The overlay boards are glued and pinned to the door, and they come standard in painted white. You can also have the boards painted in one color and your door another to mix and match. If you are unsure what color combination works best for your home, Overhead Garage Door can help you choose. Schedule a consultation today.

Haas American Traditional series doors are backed by a lifetime limited warranty. Other notable features of these traditional garage doors include:

  • 2-inch thick full thermal break
  • 13.45 calculated R-value environmentally compliant polyurethane insulation
  • Polyurethane overlay boards

Haas American Traditional series doors include both single and double door models. The top section designs are square or arch. The standard option comes with 1/8-inch tempered glass, while 1/2 inch tempered glass is optional. Frosted glass is available in all styles.

Color Base and Overlay Options

With more than 10 solid colors and multiple wood grain options, you’re sure to find the door that works perfectly for your house.

Color options with the Haas American Tradition Series include:

  • Bronze
  • Polar White
  • Brown
  • Sandstone
  • Charcoal
  • Almond
  • Gray
  • Carbon Black

Other colors, such as Sahara Tan, Hunter Green, and all Trinnar colors have been discontinued. Premium wood grain colors include Ash, Mahogany, American Walnut, and English Oak.

Standard overlay colors are:

  • Polar white
  • Almond
  • Sandstone
  • Gray
  • Bronze
  • Brown
  • Charcoal
  • Carbon Black

Premium wood grain overlay colors are Ash, Mahogany, American Walnut, and English Oak. The wood grain overlay colors are handcrafted, which means they will vary slightly in color as natural wood does.

Cost of Haas American Traditional Series Garage Door

When deciding which garage door to purchase, you can anticipate costs to fluctuate based on certain aspects of the door. Garage door design and material can increase the cost, but your labor charges shouldn’t change dramatically solely based on these factors.

If you are getting a different size garage door that requires changing any structural parts or you require new electrical wiring to be installed, those things require permits which also cost additional money. If you live in a community with a homeowners association, you will want to verify the rules and what the requirements are for designs and materials.

Where you are located can impact your garage door costs as well. Some parts of the country may have higher labor costs, permits, etc. If you live somewhere where the cost of living is higher, you can expect prices to be higher.

Are you purchasing a new door or replacing an existing one? You have to consider costs such as removing your existing doors and disposing of them when purchasing a replacement door. You also need new hardware, such as hinges, springs, bolts, etc.

Choosing an automatic garage door over a manual one can also impact your costs. You may need a new receptacle or a new circuit installed as well.

Verify that these costs are included in your quote. At Overhead Garage Door, we will tell you all the charges you can expect to incur. You won’t have any surprises on the cost of installing your new Haas American Tradition series garage door when you purchase it from Overhead Garage Door.

Other Haas Garage Doors

Overhead Garage Door can also assist in purchasing another type of Haas garage door for your home. Haas manufactures a wide selection of traditional garage doors.

Aluminum 5000 Series 

Choose from 2-inch or 1-3/4-inch thick with full thermal break, four-panel options, and 41 window options. Other features of the Aluminum 5000 series include:

  • 17.66 and 16.18 calculated R-values
  • 24-gauge corrosion-resistant aluminum
  • Environmentally compliant polyurethane insulation
  • Air infiltration joint seal (on 5200 models)

Residential Aluminum 360 Series

Choose from 14 powder-coated wood grain color options, eight painted finish options, and three anodized color options. You can also choose from custom colors and powder coating. The Residential Aluminum 360 garage doors from Haas are rust- and corrosion-free, and they have commercial-grade aluminum and tongue-and-groove section joints.

Insulated Steel Series

Haas models include three insulated steel options: the 2000 Series, 700 Series, and 600 Series. The 2000 Series comes in 16 color options and nine-panel options. There are 15 residential models and 41 window options. The 700 and 600 Series both have 16 color options, nine-panel options, 15 residential models, and 47 window options.

Choosing Your Haas Garage Door

Narrowing down which Haas garage door you want can feel daunting. The Haas American Traditional door is perfect for those wanting that classic carriage house look with modern touches. However, Haas also manufactures a nice selection of other style doors, including modern garage doors.

Haas Door Company has been manufacturing garage doors in northwest Ohio for around 70 years. They are locally owned and have earned a superb reputation for top-quality residential and commercial garage doors. No matter which Haas series you choose, you know you’re getting a quality door that will last.

Do you want your garage door to stand out or blend in more? Do you want natural light to come in or not? When choosing a new garage door, think about the overall style of your home, including colors and textures.

If you are confused about which door is best for your needs and house style, let Overhead Garage Door help. We sell and install numerous Haas garage doors and can help you decide which model and styles look best for your home. We’ll also be there for you after the sale. We can help with service and any future repairs on your new garage door as well.