A quality garage door can do more than improve the look of your home. It can also offer you peace of mind. Whether you’re replacing your door to save on energy costs, to stop frequent track misalignments that are causing you migraines, or simply because you’re ready for a garage door that matches your personal style, we’re here to help. With a door from Clopay’s Canyon Ridge collection garage doors, you can accomplish all of those goals at once. This impressive collection offers a variety of enticing options built with style, efficiency, and strength in mind.

Why Choose a Canyon Ridge Garage Door From Clopay?

Canyon Ridge Ultra Grain garage door installation in Lake County, Illinois

When it comes to a door that’s high quality, customizable, and reliable, there are few better options than a door from Clopay. Their Canyon Ridge garage doors offer a number of styles and personalization options so you can create a door that elevates the appearance of your home and expresses your personal style. With a selection of both Ultra Grain and Faux Wood garage doors, Clopay’s selection makes it possible to choose a beautiful door that can withstand Lake County’s variable weather (and maybe even your neighbors’ variable opinions).

Combining two of Clopay’s best-selling styles into a single product, the steel-based doors of the Canyon Ridge collection are insulated with two-inch-thick polyurethane and protected with a composite overlay to keep your garage and home warmer and quieter. Available carriage house-style doors with hardware and glass customization options offer a polished look, and the insulation provides both efficiency and protection for your home. This is possible thanks to Clopay’s advanced insulation technology, which promises to add both security and strength to your style selection.

Clopay Canyon Ridge Customization Options

The collection comes in two series: the limited edition series and the ultra-grain series. Overhead Garage Door carries both of these options so you can choose the one that’s best for you from our inventory. One of the best things about the collection is its customization options. We love being able to provide stylistic and quality choices that can elevate your property your way. Choose your design, materials, glass, features, and hardware for a garage door that’s the ultimate expression of you.

The limited-edition series is prized for its energy efficiency, true wood-like appearance, and strength. In fact, the faux wood garage doors are almost impossible to distinguish from real wood doors. Clopay uses genuine wood to mold its garage doors, which gives you a distinctive grain appearance and style without the real wood price. The limited-edition doors have a five-layer construction that makes them durable and efficient too. Layers include a composite overlay, composite cladding, steel, insulation, and more steel. Clopay further kept users in mind with easy maintenance features and a weather seal to protect against the elements.

Those looking for an attractive but slightly more affordable option can find all the same quality and security in the ultra-grain series. Overlays of Stained Clear Cypress composite give these doors their distinguishable carriage house appearance. Additional customization features are also available with this option, so you can get all the same hardware and style offerings needed to express yourself. This way, regardless of the series you choose, you can count on lots of customizable features and options.

Clopay Canyon Ridge Garage Door Cost

At Overhead Garage Door, we’re committed to providing you the best possible service at fair prices. While exact costs can depend on the grain options, customized features, and installation package you choose, single doors in this collection cost $1800 while double doors cost $2800. These numbers reflect manufacturers’ costs for materials, and they don’t necessarily include pricing related to labor or installation. You can visit us online to get a quote or call us to get a free estimate for your installation.

Clopay Canyon Ridge Reviews

Clopay doors are some of the best garage doors on the market, and reviewers agree. The doors are built to be affordable, long-lasting, and efficient, so you can rest easy knowing you’re getting a great product with Clopay. Reading reviews of the Canyon Ridge collection on Clopay’s website makes the quality of their product even more obvious. Customers appreciated the curb appeal of the garage doors, posting photos of their before and after homes to show what an enormous difference a quality door can make.

Reviewers also liked these doors for their low maintenance. They offer high-end appeal without extensive upkeep. Functionality and style go together with these doors and customers’ experiences prove it.

Clopay Garage Door Repairs

Overhead Garage Door is a certified dealer of Clopay Garage Doors. Family-owned and operated since 1969, we’re thrilled to provide Chicago and our surrounding communities with access to Clopay’s wonderful line of garage doors. Besides providing the garage doors, we’re also your go-to source for installation, repair, and removal. Our commitment to providing an exceptional customer experience, quality products, and reliable services makes us the best choice for all your garage door needs. We offer same-day, 24-hour emergency service throughout the area, making us ready to respond when you need it most.

If you encounter any issues with your door, we’re happy to come out and help with general repairs, track replacements, and spring fixes to have you functioning with ease. Anyone who’s ever tried to open a garage door with a broken spring knows how frustrating it can be to not have someone to call when you’re in a bind. Whatever your garage door needs, we’re ready to step in and help.

So, if you’re ready to make the leap to a sturdy, stylish, maintainable garage door, contact us today. We’d love to see what a Clopay door can do for your home. We’re here to answer any questions you might have and to walk you through our extensive selection of door designs and customization features. Let us help you take your property to the next level with a door that’s as unique as you are.