Garage Door Maintenance Checklist

  1. Lube garage door tracks and rollers every six months with a 3 in 1 oil or 10W30 motor oil.  Do not use WD40 or thick tube grease.
  2. Spray WD40 on the springs to eliminate popping or binding sounds (these sounds are normal and do not need to be adjusted).
  3. When the door is dirty, clean with a mild soap and water and then rinse.
  4. Touch up door as soon as possible after it has been scratched to eliminate rusting.
  5. To maintain a glossy shine and reduce fading, wax the door with a liquid wax every six months.
  6. Make sure your garage is free of rodents and have the door balanced so it seals to the floor properly.  Also have your bottom astragal checked for cracking and rotting.  A good seal at the bottom of the door will help keep the fall/winter weather out.

Garage Door Opener Maintenance Checklist

  1.  Lube the garage door opener rail every six months with low temperature lubriplate grease.  It may be necessary on screw drive operators to clean out the rail with WD40 before applying new grease.
  2. To eliminate opener damage, install light bulbs that meet the wattage requirements on your machine, these will be listed in your manual.  Use a rough service light bulb to eliminate frequent changing of bulbs due to vibration.
  3. Make sure your safety eyes are in alignment and free from dirt and debris.  This will ensure your door will close properly.
  4. Your lock function on your wall control will lock our remote controls from working.  Make sure your button has not been activated.
  5. You may refer to your owner’s manual for all other safety requirements.

Servicing the door and opener is a proactive way to prepare for the fall and winter.  A door and opener that have a proper balance and lube can make all the difference to proper functionality.  Please call us today to schedule service 1-888-459-3720.