Garage doors add security, access, storage, and value to your home. A secure garage can help regulate who comes in and out —- but what about those unwelcome guests you might not be able to see? No matter the season and no matter the door, your garage may be unintentionally allowing access to tiny critters or cold, windy drafts.

Fortunately, there’s a simple solution: weatherstripping. Also known as astragal, garage door sealants are available to fit any size and style of garage door. Here’s a breakdown of our weatherstrip weather tips:

Garage Door Bottom Seal

Living up to its name, a garage door bottom seal is installed along the bottom edge of your garage door. Made from durable materials like heavy-duty rubber, garage door bottom seals are secured on top of the floor your door rests upon. Bottom seal cushions are often flexible enough to conform to uneven flooring, ensuring there’s no small space for a breeze or bug to sneak in.

Garage Door Threshold Seal

To save more energy and fight off larger insects, a garage door threshold seal adds a tall barrier to the floor of your garage. Usually around 1/2” high, threshold seals are secured to your floor with caulk and liquid nails, creating a high-quality barricade against water, dirt, snow, and pesky creatures.

Garage Door Weatherstrip

If you’d like to protect the entire perimeter of your door, consider traditional garage door weatherstripping. Placed along the top and sides of the garage door, vinyl weatherstripping will prevent moisture from seeping through and render drafty air a thing of the past.

Garage Door Brush Seal

Brush seals offer a flexible solution for those looking to reduce drafts and keep debris out of your garage. Made of long bristles that conform to uneven surfaces, brush seals can prevent more air movement than a complete vinyl or rubber seal.

If you’d like to save on energy costs and prevent pests from entering your garage, the Chicago garage door experts at Overhead Garage Door can install a full garage door weatherstripping solution. For a free estimate, call 888-256-2306 today!