Advances in technology have had a significant impact on security, convenience, and functionality around the home. With home automation, it is now easier than ever for homeowners to control basic functions, like opening and closing a garage door, using just a smart phone and a connection to a Wi-Fi system. Mobile apps have been developed that provide homeowners with simple and safe solutions to modernize any home by using a smart phone as a remote.


What Exactly is Home Automation?

Home automation involves the installation of a system that connects basic home functions with a device that makes them “smart”. Modern systems are completely wireless, allowing homeowners to take control over many functions using nothing more than a wireless home Internet connection and a smart phone. The types of things that can be connected and controlled include:


  • Thermostats
  • Garage doors
  • Window blinds and shades
  • Lights
  • Sprinkler systems
  • Motion sensors & alarms
  • Locks


Controlling various elements like appliances, thermostats, locks, and garage doors gives homeowners greater control over their property in an easy and convenient way. Now anyone with a smart phone can utilize the latest home automation technology. Online retailer SmartHome offers an extensive array of products for all home automation needs that a consumer may have.

Controlling Garage Doors with Ease

A garage door opener system with a compatible smart phone app is the perfect option for homeowners. Eliminate the worry that comes from wondering whether the door has been left open. Possessions can be kept safely in the garage, and access to the home can be secured. With smart phone apps, there is no need to carry around a remote or worry about forgetting to take it out.


How Mobile Devices Work with Home Automation

Home automation technology has had ups and downs over the years, but with smart phones, it is finally coming together in an affordable and accessible way for consumers. Phones are now acting as remotes, allowing the owners to monitor and control their home from almost any location. Phones offer versatility unmatched by other devices today.


In order to control the home functions, all of the elements need to be connected wirelessly to a central hub. It is through the virtual central hub that homeowners can see a display of their options right on their smart phone screen, and then take action to control the specific elements. Most major brands of garage door openers today respond to mobile device apps, allowing the phone to work as a remote that will open and close the door on command.


iPhone Home Automation Apps


My Door Opener

The My Door Opener app is one of the most versatile available today because it can serve as a central control hub for extensive home automation. Not only will it open garage doors, but it can also be used to disable and engage a home security system, switch ceiling fans on and off, and even control a fireplace.  Anytime the garage door is opened, this app will send an alert to the phone, giving homeowners a stronger sense of security.


GoGo Gate

The GoGo Gate, formerly iSmartGate, requires the installation of the iSmartGate device. Once installed, the app can be downloaded, and then homeowners will have the ability to open and close doors with ease right from their phones. No additional remotes or keys will be needed.



The NiOGarage system retrofits with an existing opener, so homeowners can avoid purchasing and installing a whole new one. The app is free to download, and all that is needed is the receiver, which connects to the Wi-Fi Internet in the home.


Android Home Automation Apps


Craftsman Garage Door Opener

As the name indicates, the Craftsman Garage Door opener app works only with Craftsman brand door openers with Assure Link. Homeowners can also use the app to check to see if the door has been left open, and then close it from anywhere.



Once GarageMate is paired with a receiver, it offers the ultimate security for homeowners. Simply enable the password protection function on the smart phone, and even if the phone is lost or stolen, no one but the homeowner will be able to control the door.


Simplify and Secure

There are many apps available today for both iPhone and Android mobile devices at various price points. Connecting and installing a system usually takes just a few minutes, and the cost is minimal. Once up and running, homeowners have the most convenient way to operate their garage door from remote locations. A garage door app makes life easier and provides homeowners with security and peace of mind.