34691 n. Wilson – Ingleside, IL — August 30, 2012-Overhead Garage Door, Inc. is pleased to announce its recent acquisition of Spartan Overhead Door, of Elk Grove, IL. With this newest development, Overhead Garage Door is now the biggest installer of garage doors and the most reliable overhead door repair company in the Greater Chicago area. Spartan Overhead Door customers can rest assured they are still in very capable hands.

Sectional-type overhead garage doors in the st...

Sectional-type overhead garage doors in the style of carriage house doors. They are steel with exterior cladding. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Overhead Garage Door has always been the leader in garage door installation and repair with over 40 years experience; offices throughout the area and a great reputation for honesty, fairness, quality products and customer satisfaction.  They are the authorized dealers of several well-known overhead door companies and their repair service is second to none. They offer same day repairs for most doors and emergency service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Spartan Overhead Door has also served the northern Illinois area for over 40 years and they have a loyal customer base of which to be proud. Spartan’s reputation for prompt and accurate service in the Chicago area has been well known. They have always stood behind every product they installed and their great customer service status has been well earned.

By Acquiring Spartan, Overhead Garage Door, Inc. has increased its garage door repair and installation capabilities to better serve industries and homes in the Chicago suburban areas. With this latest acquisition, they are now, more than ever, able to fill orders and provide excellent service to more customers in record time. Overhead Garage Door has vowed to uphold the great Spartan Overhead Door reputation by working with all of Spartan’s customers to ensure they continue to receive the kind of service they have come to expect.   Kevin Kozak of Overhead Garage Door, Inc. commented on the acquisition saying, “Spartan provided great customer service and quality work for their customers for so many years…we are privileged to acquire them and will work hard to continue Spartans great legacy!”

Overhead Garage Door has always been a trusted name for both residential and commercial doors. Their reputation for reliability and quality service has earned them the endorsements of several high-end door manufacturers. Those who have been Spartan customers can be assured that they are now an invaluable customer of Overhead Garage Door, Inc. Former Spartan customers should call to talk to a representative if they have questions, concerns or require service.  Overhead Garage Doors is working hard to make sure the transition for all of Spartan’s customers is a smooth and pleasant experience.


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