Garage Door Tuneup in Northern Illinois

Improved safety and protection from the constantly changing weather in northeastern Illinois demand that you use your garage door frequently. A piece of equipment you that much often ought to work reliably. But do garage doors need to be serviced? Yes, they need to be serviced regularly if you want a door that works on command.

A garage door consists of fixed and moving parts that connect and enable the door to go up and down without falling out of alignment. Both sides are pulled up by a garage door opener, which uses a cable or chain and a motor to draw the door up and push it down. However, if any of these parts wear or break down, the door can fail to operate. Luckily, you can stay ahead of an unexpected garage door repair by getting regular garage door tuneups.

What Is Included in a Garage Door Tuneup? 

Clopay garage door with brown wood panels.

Garage door maintenance, or a garage door tuneup, involves a thorough inspection of your garage door, including its hardware and opener. The garage door technician uses a garage door tuneup checklist to make sure they examine all parts of the garage door and its opener. They’ll go over the door itself, all of the hinges, the track and rollers, and every component of the garage door opener to ensure everything is working properly. They might even replace damaged or worn parts.

These technicians inspect, clean, and lubricate the tracks and opener chain so that the garage door operates quietly and with little friction. They also check the spring of the overhead spring opener — if your door has one — to make sure the latter is holding the tension and its pulley cables are in good condition.

Might we add, the goal of a garage door tuneup is to keep your garage door working as it should and at all times. And suppose the garage door technician finds parts that need repair or replacement. They’ll inform you of their discovery, show you what needs to be done, and proceed with the necessary steps upon your approval. The result is a garage door that works as properly.

Signs That Your Garage Door Needs a Tuneup

The mechanics of a garage door are relatively simple. As a result, you might be wondering if something that reliable and easy to operate needs service. Well, a garage door comes with moving parts that wear out over time and after continual use. Still, disintegration or damage rarely sneaks up you; there are indicators of wear or breakdown. One sign of malfunction is the door’s emission of unusual noises as you lift or lower the door. These sounds could be grinding, scraping, squeaking, squealing, or groaning.

A malfunctioning garage door is put under a lot of torque as the opener draws the door upwards, grinding the metal parts against each other. This friction can break components down or pull them from the door and track, making the garage door lift unevenly. The garage door opener can also produce noises that indicate a chain or cable defect or that another part inside the motor is deteriorating and thus needs replacing.

None of these scenarios is pleasant. So, we recommend you service your garage door whenever you notice inefficiency or abnormality. A garage door is unlikely to operate normally again once it becomes defective. Fortunately, scheduling an appointment for a garage door tuneup lets you get on top of the problem before it gets worse.

How Often Should You Tune Up a Garage Door? 

How often a garage door should be tuned up depends on a few factors. Typically, you should have the door inspected every six months. But if you seldom use your door, you can get a tuneup done annually. The recommended frequency of tuning up a garage door can prompt questions like, “Is a garage door tuneup worth it?” The fact is, some parts can wear out quickly and strain other associated components. A roller off track or one with broken bearings can trigger a domino effect. Nearby rollers would need to compensate for the defective one. This additional pressure can affect the door’s alignment.

Scheduling a regular garage door tuneup as advised by the garage door technician helps prevent this and other issues that affect the operation of your garage door. In other words, yes, a garage door tuneup is worth it.

Why Get Your Garage Door Inspected by Overhead Garage Door 

For over 50 years, Overhead Garage Door has been servicing garages for customers in northeastern Illinois. We’re familiar with how the weather affects the operation of garage doors and what wear and tear do to parts. More importantly, we use only the best hardware and components for our garage door tuneup service. Plus, we hire the best personnel for our team of garage door technicians to ensure our customers receive top-notch service, no matter what needs fixing. Overhead Garage Door prides itself on providing excellent service and putting customers first.

Cost of Garage Door Tuneup 

The cost of garage door tuneup depends on what your garage door needs to function correctly. A garage door in decent working condition most likely won’t need more than some lubricant and tightening of the hardware. In contrast, a garage door that has undergone significant wear and tear will cost more to tune up. Sometimes your garage door may require hardware replacement to keep it operating well, increasing tuneup expenses. Don’t worry; the garage door technician will give you an estimate before performing any work.

Scheduling a regular garage door tuneup service can save you a lot of money over time. Tuneups prevent a catastrophic failure of your garage door and give you the peace of mind that the doors are going to open when you press the button on the remote.

On that note, call us at Overhead Garage Door today to make an appointment with a garage door technician so they can make sure your garage door works as it should.