You’ll open and close your garage door thousands of times over the life of your home, and you want it to work properly every time. Whether you’re building a new home or looking to upgrade your garage door, consider two of the manufacturers we carry: C.H.I. garage doors and Clopay garage doors. Function and design go hand-in-hand with these two brands.

A stylish new garage door can offer curb appeal for your own enjoyment and contribute to the value of your home. Like kitchens and bathrooms, a garage door can provide a return on your investment when it’s time to sell. Here’s everything you need to know.

Clopay Garage Doors Features

Clopay is headquartered in Ohio and has four manufacturing plants around the United States. As America’s largest overhead door manufacturer, Clopay offers a wide variety of styles, colors, and configurations to help match your exterior decor perfectly.

When you visit our website, you’ll find a detailed breakdown of the many Clopay collections we offer:

  • Classic: For a traditional white steel door, this series offers three different options with a variety of energy-efficiency and design features.
  • Gallery: If you find you want to customize a little more, this collection offers different panel sizes, patterns, and window arrangements. It also offers different windowpane styles and door colors, like Desert Tan, Almond, and Mocha Brown. Hardware like handles, plates, or strap hinges can give it a custom look.
  • Classic Wood: This collection has four different door designs, over 30 window options, and wood finishes like cherry and walnut.
  • Coachmen: This carriage-style door collection has four series of door designs, window options like arches and multi-square panes, and a wide selection of handles and hinges to further customize each door.
  • Canyon Ridge: This collection has faux wood finishes of mahogany and cypress, and there are two major series to choose from — Limited and Ultra Grain — for a variety of pronounced wood finishes.
  • Reserve: This collection is characterized by timeless wood in dark and light stains made with care and detailed craftsmanship.
  • Avante: This collection boasts a grid aluminum frame and panel choices that fit your style, from dark stained wood, acrylic, glass, and even a mirror finish.

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C.H.I. Garage Door Features

When you choose a C.H.I. garage door, you’re supporting a business right here in Illinois, and you’ll enjoy an industry-leading warranty for your investment. For as long as you’re the owner, you can expect excellent customer service for any warranty requests.

C.H.I. garage doors come in a few different collections to fit your home’s personality, including:

  • Carriage House options: These carriage-style doors are either stamped or created by an overlay in steel, fiberglass, or wood grain finishes. Choose from window options, a palette of neutral colors, and hardware choices for a custom look. Choose this option for a classic nod to the past and timeless design for the more traditional look.
  • Flush panel: The more contemporary collection can bridge the traditional to the modern home style, with continuous horizontal panels that can be customized with paint colors, faux wood finishes, and centered or offset windows.
  • Recessed panel: These are a great option for a traditional home, and they come in steel and aluminum embossed with wood finish.
  • Raised panel: This option comes in fiberglass and steel in white and a handful of neutral colors.
  • Accent Planks: Horizontal plank doors can accentuate the modern home’s minimalist style, with woodgrain or neutral colors and window placement and glass options for a strong visual contrast.

All collections can be customized to enhance your curb appeal, with or without windows, in wood, paint, or metal finishes, and with hardware that gives the finishing touch. We can help you find a C.H.I. garage door to fit the style of your home perfectly.

Garage Door Pricing

For most customers, the look and the budget are equal factors when choosing a garage door. Clopay prides itself on quality materials and craftsmanship, and we offer garage door options to fit all budgets. At the low end, Clopay garage door prices start at around $400 to around $4,000 at the high end. Our professional Clopay garage door installation can cost anywhere from $200 to $500.

C.H.I garage doors vary in price to fit the smallest budget to the grandest. On the lower end of the cost spectrum, the simple raised-panel steel garage door can be customized with the carriage house look. A mid-range garage door from C.H.I. includes the shaker-style or horizontal-plank options. On the higher end, heavy-duty full-view aluminum and glass give your modern home a noteworthy design.

Garage doors made of materials like steel or aluminum vary in initial cost, but they are designed to be long-lasting and low-maintenance. They stand up to the punishing elements of weather and sun. A natural wood garage door can require some care over the course of its life depending on your home’s exposure, which may be a consideration for choosing your materials and style. Height, width, materials, and extra features all contribute to the cost of each garage door, and remember to double or triple that cost if you have multiple garage door openings to cover.

Garage Door Installation

If you’ve narrowed it down to Clopay and C.H.I. as your manufacturers of choice, that’s when we come in to help you make the perfect selection. Our four-step process starts with asking questions that get to the heart of your style:

  1. Select your material: What material works best? What style do you prefer?
  2. Choose your design: Do you like raised panels, modern design, or a carriage door? Do you want natural light from windows?
  3. Schedule a consultation: What are your precise measurements? Do you have any special circumstances? What’s your budget? Then, we’ll provide an estimate based on that information with a clear breakdown of your installed price.
  4. Install your new garage door: When can we come to perform the installation to your satisfaction? Each manufacturer has specified warranties for door components, so we’ll also be sure you know and understand what your warranty covers.

We’re family-owned and -operated since 1969, and members of our team have at least five years’ experience in the industry, have completed a background check, and will always provide prominent identification. We strive to be professional and respectful of you and your space while we assess how to best fill your garage door needs.

Should you ever have any concerns or need a repair, we offer same-day, 24-hour emergency service throughout the Chicagoland area. We accept all major credit cards and PayPal. Backed by the quality and craftsmanship of Clopay and C.H.I. doors, Overhead Garage Door is ready to help you give your home an upgrade. Contact us at 888-459-3720 to be routed to the local office that serves your neighborhood.