Automatic garage doors will not only add value to a home, but will help to protect the valuables inside of the home. A study by metropolitan police showed that about 50% of all residential burglaries could be traced to an open garage. These days, most people enter their home from inside the garage, rather than from their front door. To ensure that only the homeowner is entering the house through the garage, proper garage door maintenance must be enforced.

A thiefMany people imagine that it is okay to leave the garage door open during the day while at home. However, most criminals will monitor a block for weeks to see which home owners leave their garage doors open. They do this during daylight hours, as well as during the night. In recent years, criminals have become increasingly bold. They have shown an alarming willingness to break into homes during daylight hours, whether or not there is somebody at home.

Installing overhead garage doors is the first step a homeowner can take to ensure their safety. Garage door repair should be the top priority of any homeowner who needs to leave their garage open because the door is broken. A law enforcement study recently showed that many neighbors would not call the police when they see a stranger loitering around another neighbor’s property, nor will they confront the stranger. Only a homeowner can take the necessary steps to protect his or her home, and proper garage door maintenance is a key step in that direction.

Open Garage It is important for anyone considering the installment of an overhead door to know that this is a project that should only be handled by professionals, because the job requires proper tools and specialized training. The springs have an immense amount of pressure and can cause extreme bodily harm if an untrained person attempts to install or repair a door.

Police spend a great deal of time writing out reports for crimes that could have been deterred. Nobody wants to become a crime statistic. The professionals at Overhead Garage Door, INC have been helping to keep homeowners safe since 1969. They are experts in the field of installing and maintaining garage doors. There is no excuse for leaving a garage open because the door is in a state of disrepair. An open garage is an open invite, and it is time to stop extending that invitation to criminals.

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