It’s important to know how to change your garage door opener code so you can always get your car out and access any important items you have stored inside. There are many cases where you might have to change your garage code, such as losing your garage door remote or forgetting your original code. Knowing how to change your garage door code without the old code will ensure you won’t get locked out of your garage, which is especially important during the cold winter months when you park your car inside.

To help with this, we’ll examine how to change a garage door code, with instructions for different types of garage doors.

How To Change a Chamberlain Garage Door Code

Garage door code

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There are a few simple steps to change the code on a garage door keypad for a Chamberlain door. First, it’s crucial to clear away any obstacles or debris that might interfere with the garage door opening or closing, such as garbage cans or other items placed too close to the door opening. This will ensure you can test your new code effectively without worrying about another obstacle affecting your garage door’s function. Once you clear everything away from the garage door, input the PIN you currently have programmed into the door’s keypad.

Instead of pressing Enter like you would to open or close your door, find the # button. Then, press the # button and hold it down until you see the light on your garage door opener blink two times. This means your garage door opener is ready for the new code — you can enter a new four-digit PIN and press the Enter button. If your garage door opener light blinks once, you’ve successfully changed the code on your garage door.

If you want to grant someone temporary access to your garage, such as a babysitter, pet sitter, or neighbor borrowing a tool, you can change the code on your Chamberlain garage door to a temporary PIN. To do this, type your regular PIN on the keypad and hold the asterisk button (*). Wait until the light on your garage door opener blinks three times, then enter the four-digit PIN you want to use as the temporary code and press the Enter button. If your garage door opener’s light blinks four times, you’ve successfully added the temporary PIN.

Next, you can set the number of hours or activations the temporary PIN will work for using either the * or # buttons. To set a specific number of hours for the temporary PIN to stay active, type in the number of hours you want, then press the * key. The temporary PIN will be active after your garage door opener light blinks once.

To set the number of times the PIN will work, type in the number you want, then press the # button. After the garage door opener light blinks once, your temporary PIN is ready and will work for the number of tries you’ve chosen.

How To Change the Code on a LiftMaster Garage Door Opener

With a LiftMaster door, there are slightly different steps for changing the garage door opener code. The first step is to find the Learn button on your control panel or the garage door opener’s motor. This is located inside your garage on the ceiling, so you might need a ladder to reach it if you don’t have a lower control panel on the outdoor wall. When you find the Learn button, hold it down for a few seconds and then release it.

However, it’s important to check that no one nearby is using a different garage opener remote. This is because your garage door opener will accept commands from any remote nearby after pressing the Learn button, meaning your neighbors could open your garage door with their remote if it gets paired. To avoid this, verify that no one close to you is operating their garage door remote before hitting the Learn button.

After pressing the Learn button, you’ll have 30 seconds to input a new code on your keypad. All you need to do is return to your control panel and type in a four-digit code you’ll remember. Then, press the Enter key on your control panel to lock in the code. If your LiftMaster garage door opener shows a blinking light and produces a light clicking sound, you’ve programmed the new code correctly.

To ensure the new code is locked in, test it by typing it on your control panel’s keypad and hitting the Enter button. If everything is done properly, your garage door will open or close, depending on whether it was open already.

How To Change the Code on a Genie Garage Door Opener

While Genie offers multiple types of garage door openers, the steps for changing the code on them are similar. For the black Intellicode model GWKIC or ACSDG, you’ll start the process by opening the cover slightly and holding down the buttons PROG and 8. When the light blinks one time, this means you’ve removed the original code successfully.

Next, open the cover fully and press buttons 3, 5, and 7 in that order, then hold PROG again until the red light flashes once. Input a new PIN and press PROG again until the red light blinks. Finally, press the Learn Code button on the garage door opener motor attached to your garage’s ceiling, then input your PIN while the motor’s light is on. After hitting SEND twice, the code will lock into the system, and you can hit SEND one more time to test the new code and open or close the door.

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