Clopay Coachman Garage Door Collection

Clopay Coachman Garage Door Installation in Northeast Illinois

Whether it’s new construction, replacing an existing door, or restoring a classic home with a garage door to match its architecture, Overhead Garage Door, Inc. is here to ensure you have the look and performance you seek. We can improve the appearance, safety, and security of your Lake County, Illinois, home. Our garage door installation experts will inspect your garage and help you make an informed decision. We will review the numerous style, window, and color options, as well as hardware and accents that will provide that finishing touch and tie your new door with the rest of your home.

What Is Clopay Coachman? 

Clopay carriage style garage door installation in Lake County, Illinois

The Clopay Coachman is a carriage-style line of garage doors that offers four designs in a series that features specialty panes, arches, and hardware. Coachman doors provide the sophisticated look of a carriage house door coupled with the durability of steel and composite construction. Carriage-style doors are also known as swing-style or side-hinged doors. They often feature extra hardware accents.

Coachman doors combine the look of wood with the durability of steel. The four-layer construction consists of a composite overlay on the exterior, a layer of steel, special polyurethane or polystyrene insulation, and steel on the back of the door. Clopay’s Intellicore insulation is injected, filling the entire door with no gaps. This adds to strength, durability, and soundproofing qualities. The composite surface is available in four colors that can be mixed with overlay and base portions of the door. You can paint your doors with an approved latex paint for a highly customized look.

Clopay Coachman Series

Clopay Coachman doors are available in four distinctive series, each of which has appealing designs, hardware, glass, and color options:

  • Series One blends nicely with home styles such as mission, shaker, country, and prairie. This series has a classic look, offering simplicity and sophistication at the same time. A selection of rectangular, square, arched windows, or solid top panels add a custom finishing touch.
  • Series Two features full or half crossbuck panels, providing a classic American country look. The doors are topped with rectangular, square, or arched windows and also a solid top panels option.
  • Series Three is a solid door that provides privacy, complementing homes including country French and Victorian styles. This series offers optional bottom crossbuck panels as well as straight or arched top panels.
  • Series Four is designed to offer a clean and contemporary look. The carriage house appearance is carried through more subtle designs without horizontal lines. This series features solid panels with straight or arched top panels.

Clopay Coachman Reviews

Most customers who purchased Clopay Coachman doors give it a five out of five-star overall rating, plus high ratings for quality and durability, appearance and design, and overall value. Coachman doors give the old-fashioned look of a swing-out carriage house door while offering the performance and convenience of an overhead garage door. The composite overlay over steel construction and injected Intellicore insulation provide durability and energy efficiency. For added storm protection, Windcode door reinforcement is available.

Customers have posted reviews to the Clopay website, including one homeowner who wishes they had installed the door sooner: “I love my new doors, and they increase my home value, without a doubt. The appearance is fantastic, and they seal out the cold weather, critters, insects, and drafts. Every time I look at them, I think that I should have done it five years ago. I continually get comments on how great the doors look. I truly am still amazed at the value for the dollar that I received!”

Another reviewer posted a review complimenting the appearance and performance: “The doors look great! Dramatic improvement over the old-style doors we had. There is a noticeable difference in the garage temperature thanks to the insulation on the doors and glass. The upgraded spring package definitely cleans up the installation, with no more cables and springs hanging along the rails.”

Clopay Coachman Garage Door Cost

Several factors impact the cost of a Clopay Coachman garage door for your home. The materials used to build the door affect the cost as well. Installation costs also make up part of the overall cost. Clopay garage doors are built using natural woods, aluminum, glass, steel, and composite materials. The various materials have unique characteristics that have advantages for durability, aesthetics, durability, and energy efficiency.

Size and shape have a significant effect on the cost of a door since more materials are needed for larger doors. Custom doors with varying shapes and architectural elements can cost more as well, depending on the components used to build them. Glass options include clear, seeded, rain, obscure, frosted, and insulated. Additional decorative hardware options are also available.

The expert installation also plays a part in the overall cost of a Clopay Coachman garage door. Professional installation ensures the safety and high-performance operation for many years. The distance your home is located from a Clopay supplier also affects the cost of installation and repair.

Clopay Garage Door Repairs

Once a new door is installed, Overhead Garage Door is there to help with maintenance and repairs, including same-day/24-hour emergency service. Time, weather, frequent use, and accidents take their toll on the appearance and function of garage doors. In addition to handling maintenance and emergency repairs, we can also install security and convenience features like remote garage door operating from your phone and upgrade existing components for safety, security, and performance.

With over 35 years of experience, the Overhead Garage Door can take on any job. We can assist with maintenance and check on issues like a noisy door opener before an emergency breakdown. We can handle door and component repair and replacement, sensor calibration, and replace broken or lost remotes.

Many emergency issues can be avoided by keeping an eye on your garage door’s performance and keeping up with maintenance. Jerky or irregular movement, grinding or scraping noises, and irregular alignment of the panels likely indicate an issue that needs attention. Common problems include damaged or broken springs, ice and snow buildup, track alignment, and sensor issues.

If you’re considering Clopay Coachman doors for your Lake County, Illinois home, contact the experts at Overhead Garage Door, Inc. to take the next steps in deciding which door option will be the perfect fit for your home.