Homeowners have long embraced convenient automatic garage doors for quick entrances and exits to match the hectic pace of modern life. Garage door repair now includes the option to impress friends, neighbors and passersby with stunning 3-D murals that mimic reality with amazing precision. Unlike traditional building materials, owners can choose lively images that suggest quite unusual contents within their garages. Dozens of design choices allow homeowners to suggest their garage holds a wormhole to the Tuscan landscape or a very private golf course. Homeowners can proudly display the image of a racing car, private airplane, or wine cellar to impress snobbish friends.

A creative decorator could choose classic door materials and upgrade the look of any garage when making repairs. Three-dimensional images have become popular in many mediums, and garage doors seldom attract attention from makeover aficionados, but that should change due to the clever choices available from the Munich-based company that manufactures these tarpaulins designed to dress up the neighborhood. The murals attach by Velcro to the doors and do not interfere with opening and closing them. Installations of different images allow people to change their look for the season, decorate the garage for holidays, or create design focal points that might stop commuter traffic. The company now offers 350 fascinating choices, and custom sizes or designs offer designers even greater flexibility.

Creative thinkers can use their own designs, and the company accepts suggestions and offers royalties for images they accept. Turn the parking garage into a bank-vault image, a frightening crypt for Halloween, or make the garage look like a horse stall with a thoroughbred Triple-Crown challenger in residence. The ideas offer creative ways to bring new looks to boring exterior features. Garage door repair will never be the same again. The material used resembles truck tarpaulins and car covers, but the 3-D images offer amazing verisimilitude that stops passersby in their tracks, mouths open in astonishment.

Garage doors might show classic historical scenes like the signing of the Declaration of Independence, Washington crossing the Delaware, or Lee surrendering to General Grant at Appomattox Courthouse. The technique used for garage doors also works on interior walls and features, helping home remodelers get new looks in the home without the major costs of construction. Add seasonal looks to the home, spice up exterior design, and amaze your friends and family with his creative new technology that allows garage doors to look like gateways to new dimensions.