Not everyone has time to drive to the gym or the money for a gym membership, but if you want to get your workout in and you also have some unused garage space, you can set up that space as a home gym. You can do this even if you don’t have a lot of room — you’ll just need to create workouts that don’t use much space. The best part of having your gym attached to your home is that there are no excuses. Take a look at these tips for turning your garage into a gym. 

Organize the Space

The first step you’ll need to take when turning your garage into a gym is organizing what you have in the garage. Start by cleaning it out. Get rid of the junk you have lying around that you don’t need and organize what you need to keep so that it doesn’t take up the space you’ll need for your gym equipment. Find vertical drawers and cabinets to store items. You can also use these to organize small things you’ll need in the gym, such as yoga mats, gloves, ab rollers, kettlebells, and dumbbells. 

If you need more storage, consider using overhead storage racks for keeping seasonal items, or install slatwall to make the most of the vertical space. You can hang up items such as shovels and other yard tools. 

Come up With a Design

Before getting gym equipment and other things, you’ll need to take measurements and create a design that will maximize the space. You should also get the dimensions of the machines and equipment you want to make sure everything will fit. Keep in mind that you might want to install a TV or have room for stereo speakers, and make sure you have floor space for exercises.

Prep the Space

If you live in an area where it gets cold in the winter, you want to think about insulation. You want to be able to use the gym year-round, whether it’s hot or cold outside. Insulating the garage will also help keep out noise and allow you to play your music without disturbing your neighbors. Insulation will also help reduce energy costs, and it can brighten up the interior. 

Prepping the garage space also includes getting the correct type of flooring. Most garage floors are just concrete, so you’ll want to get rubber gym mats or something that will absorb the impact if you do any jumping. If you don’t want to buy floor mats, apply a coat of epoxy over the concrete. This will make it look better, plus it’s easy to clean and water-resistant.

Other options for flooring include garage floor tiles. These can withstand up to 75,000 pounds of weight, making them ideal for heavy gym equipment. They will also hold up if weights get dropped on them and protect the concrete floor underneath. 

Get the Gym Equipment

As you decide what gym equipment and machines to put in your garage, focus on the machines that you know you will use. Think about what you use the most when you go to the gym and find similar equipment for your personal gym. Make sure you have equipment for all kinds of training, including cardio, resistance, and weight. If you prefer a specific type of workout, get the machines that will get you the best workout. For instance, if you enjoy CrossFit, focus on the equipment you can use for CrossFit training.

If you are not sure what equipment you might need, here are some of the basic machines you should consider for your gym. 

  • Flat bench: A flat bench is versatile and is sure to get a lot of use. You can use it for both upper and lower body training, and it’s easy to move around if you need to. 
  • Weightlifting barbell: Find a good quality barbell that can withstand wear and tear. 
  • Squat rack: If you have the space, a squat rack is a good investment. This piece of equipment allows you to get your barbell into the correct position for many different lifts, and you can use it when you train alone because it works as your spotter.
  • Weight plates: You can find metal plates or bumper plates. Bumper plates are more expensive but worth the investment if you do CrossFit since you can drop them without damaging the floor. If you don’t need the bumper plates, metal plates are less expensive and will work just fine.

Some of the other equipment you might want in your garage gym include:

  • Yoga mats: Even if you have cushioning on the floor, yoga mats will provide some extra comfort when you do floor exercises. You can find these mats in different lengths and thicknesses. You can also find them in different colors to help brighten up the space. 
  • Jump rope: Jumping rope is a great cardio workout, and if you want to add more resistance, you can get one with hand weights.
  • Adjustable dumbbells: If you have limited space, adjustable dumbbells give you a wide variety of weights without taking up much room.
  • Battle ropes: Battle ropes are a simple workout tool that don’t take up much space but get you a fantastic upper back workout along with your arms, abs, and glutes. You can also incorporate lunges and squats into a rope workout to target even more lower body muscles.

If you have the funds to add cardio equipment and the space to put it, cardio machines such as an elliptical or Bowflex Max trainer are good choices for a home gym. If you enjoy running, consider a treadmill, or if you like to bike, you can get an indoor cycle.

At Overhead Garage Door we know that you can’t transform your garage into a gym without reliable and sturdy garage doors. You’ll need a garage door that will securely lock to protect your equipment, and you’ll need to know that you can call for maintenance and repair when you need it. Give us a call to learn more.