Chicago is a thriving area that offers many wonderful attractions to its residents. There are many benefits to living in the Chicago area, from popular national sports teams to the theater and other cultural events to an endless offering of recreational activities. One of the newest benefits to residing in Chicagoland is the opportunity to use the Amazon Key service for safe, secure deliveries to your home. This valuable service allows you to order products without worrying if you’ll be there to receive the delivery. Read on to learn why Overhead Garage Door, Inc. is proud to offer Amazon Key installation.

What is Amazon Key?

Amazon Key Garage Delivery in northern Illinois

Amazon Key is a free service provided by Amazon to Prime customers that allows you to give entry to your home or garage while you’re away. Whether you’re getting a package delivered, have guests staying in your home, or want to let in a cleaning or pet-care team, you can use Amazon Key to allow them access.

For deliveries, In-Garage Delivery allows the Amazon delivery driver to deposit your packages directly inside your garage safely. You can communicate with the driver as they’re delivering your package if necessary. You can also implement a camera to enhance this service for additional security if desired.

The In-Garage Delivery service is currently available for over 4,000 U.S. cities, including Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles. Amazon is making In-Garage Delivery available for grocery services, too, including Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods deliveries. This innovative service provides peace of mind to people who can’t be home when deliveries arrive and keeps their property and purchase secured. Drivers must request access to your home. They don’t get keys or access codes. This innovative system allows Amazon to verify that the driver is at the correct address, at the right time, to drop your package directly inside your home.

The Amazon Key also allows you to provide access to your home and let someone enter when you’re away. The kit for home access includes a camera and a keyless smart lock. The Amazon Key App then allows you to control locking and unlocking your door remotely, from wherever you are.

So, whether you’re at work, running errands, or on vacation, this service provides a worry-free way to allow packages to be securely delivered to your house. You can also use it to let in other visitors, such as a maid service, dog walker, or pet sitter when you’re on vacation. Contact Overhead Garage Door, Inc. to learn more about Amazon Key installation in northern Illinois.

Do you have to pay for Amazon Key?

Amazon Key is a free service the company offers to Prime members. Once you have the necessary electronic equipment installed in your home or garage, there are no additional fees to use this service. Amazon Key works with myQ connected smart garages. If you don’t have that, you need a myQ Smart Garage Hub, which is $22.99 on Amazon. If you want to purchase the hub complete with a camera, the package is currently $178.99 on Amazon for Prime members. You can also contact Overhead Garage Door, Inc. to schedule myQ installation in Lake County, Illinois.

Is Amazon Key only for Prime members?

Amazon Key is an exclusive benefit for Prime members in specific zip codes. It’s easy to determine if it’s available in your area. You simply go to the Amazon site and enter your zip code on the Amazon Key page in the lookup box, and you’ll instantly find out if Amazon Key delivery is available near you. Whenever you place an order from Amazon Prime, you can select Amazon Key delivery upon checkout.

How do you set up Amazon Key?

To set up Amazon Key, you need to have either a myQ-compatible garage door opener or hub. You can also install the optional video feature with a smart home camera from Ring or LiftMaster, which allows you to observe your deliveries in real-time or on the recording. Overhead Garage Door, Inc. offers myQ-compatible LiftMaster garage door opener installation in northern Illinois. Here are the steps to setting up Amazon Key:

Step 1: Install Smart Garage Door Opener

You need to have a smart garage-door opener installed on your garage. A smart garage-door opener uses WiFi and special sensors on your garage door to transmit data to an app. You can then remotely work and monitor your garage door, including opening or closing it and viewing the history of when it was last opened. Overhead Garage Door, Inc. installs smart garage door openers throughout northern Illinois. Call us at 888-790-7921 to schedule installation.

If you don’t have a smart garage door opener, you can get Chamberlain Smart Garage Control to make your garage door WiFi enabled.

Step 2: Install Video Camera (Optional)

You have the choice to install a live-streaming video camera so you can watch real-time or recorded video of your property. There are a variety of camera options available in a wide array of price points, so determine your specific needs to select the correct camera.

Step 3: Install Yale | LiftMaster Smart Locks

Yale | LiftMaster Smart Locks allow homeowners to provide key-free entry via an app on their smartphones. The locks are offered in either deadbolt or lever configurations, depending on the compatibility of your door. You can install it yourself or have Yale |LiftMaster Smart Locks professionally installed by a reputable garage door service company like Overhead Garage Door, Inc.

Step 4: Set Up Your myQ Device

Install the myQ app on your smartphone and connect it to your garage device. Follow the in-app instructions to add your Yale | LiftMaster smart lock to your myQ account.

Step 5: Link Your myQ Device to Amazon Key

Open the myQ app on your phone. Follow the in-app instructions to connect your device to Amazon Key.

Step 6: Order With Key Delivery

Place an order at and select Key Delivery at checkout. You’ll be notified via the app when the delivery arrives at your home. If you have the camera feature installed, you’ll be able to communicate with the Amazon delivery driver.

Amazon In-Garage Delivery is a powerful service that provides Prime Customers an extra layer of security and safety. If you would like assistance getting your garage ready to receive deliveries with Amazon Key, contact our staff at Overhead Garage Door and schedule garage door installation! We can help get your garage ready for no-hassle deliveries with the Amazon Key. Contact us if you have any other questions or comments.