Garage Door spring repair You’re sitting in your driveway, clicking your garage door remote, but nothing’s happening. You know the problem can’t be the remote, because you just got a new remote and you’ve changed the batteries. After getting out of the car and attempting to open the garage door manually, your fear is confirmed: it’s broken. Or maybe you just bought a new house. You and your family are totally in love with it, except for the unsightly and malfunctioning garage door. It’s time for an upgrade. There are plenty of home fixes that are easy to DIY, but garage doors aren’t one of them. Garage spring replacement can be really dangerous, and is better left to the pros. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about your garage doors, including when to call a professional.

How Do Garage Doors Work?

Your garage door has one of two types of springs: torsion springs and extension springs. Torsion springs attach just above the garage door, while extension springs can be found on the upper tracks on either side of the door. Regardless of which type of spring your door employs, both varieties are wound incredibly tightly. This is what makes the garage door work. The tension that the tightly wound springs create allows the heavy lifting to happen. If the spring breaks, every single bit of that tension is released at once when it snaps. And it won’t stop just because you’re in its way. This is what makes garage spring replacement so dangerous.

Time to Call a Professional

Enter: your friendly, neighborhood garage door professionals. They’re equipped with the tools to replace your garage door springs safely and securely, with you out of harm’s way. You can expect your garage spring replacement to be wound with precision. Your garage tech is trained to determine the exact amount of tension needed on your springs. That’s not something that a novice can estimate. Garage doors account for around 30,000 injuries per year. That includes injuries from garage door springs. If your springs wear out or don’t have the correct amount of tension on them, they can snap unexpectedly, causing severe injury and even death. Besides the possibility of injury from the springs snapping, consider what they’re carrying. Garage doors weigh around 500 pounds. The entirety of that weight is held up by the springs. When your springs are worn out or incorrectly wound, that open garage door you’re standing under can slam shut at any time, unexpectedly. Whether you’re pulling your bike out or cleaning the cooler out after a weekend camping, making sure your garage spring replacement is up to par could literally save your life. It’s worth it to call the pros.

Call Us for Your Garage Spring Replacement

We’re family owned, so we know how important your family’s safety is. Don’t risk it by attempting to DIY a project that can lead to serious injury. Get in touch with us today to set up your garage door repair. If you’re simply seeking an upgrade, we can help! We would love to help you design your door!