Choosing a garage door can become one of the most important stylistic and functional decisions for your home, as it adds to the exterior appearance. There are many types of garage doors that offer you a variety of styles, mechanisms, and uses so you can choose the one that best fits your style or personality. Finding the perfect garage door for your home can complete its look while maintaining function and convenience.

At Overhead Garage Door, we aim to serve many Illinois and Wisconsin counties with information about options available for you to select a garage door you’ll love. A carriage-style garage door can provide your home with a stylish, customizable, and practical option. Explore some more details and advantages of carriage garage doors to help you decide whether it’s the right fit for you and your home.

What Is a Carriage Garage Door?

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A carriage garage door refers to a garage that features wide doors with a handle and thick hinges that allow the door to swing forward to open. The style and name originate from the age of horses and carriages with the original design made to allow for easy entry and ample space for the horses and carriage to fit through the doors together. A carriage door traditionally included a wood door combined with thick iron hinges to provide durability and security.

Today, most customers use a modernized version of the carriage door that features an automatic opening mechanism and a roll-up opening rather than the swinging hinges of the original design. Newer garage doors also use materials such as wood or steel with vinyl overlays or composite materials for added durability, weatherproofing, and design. Carriage doors now offer more of an aesthetic benefit rather than functionality and remain a popular style for homeowners looking to add a traditional or rustic style to the exterior of their home.

Advantages of a Carriage Garage Door

The original ideas and purpose of the carriage garage door may be outdated, but the style remains one of the top-selling designs for many garage door businesses. Customers enjoy their appearance, durability, versatility, and functionality. Here are some of the most common advantages of purchasing a carriage garage door:

Classic Design 

A carriage garage door typically includes a barn-style appearance with two handles in the center and a thin window design across the top of the door. The wood or steel materials and vinyl decals with thick iron handles and hinges provide a traditional and elegant look. The rustic and classic design of a carriage door adds the perfect touch to your home by adding a simple but aesthetically pleasing exterior appearance to your garage and can significantly increase your curb appeal.

Customization Options

A carriage garage door includes many components, such as handles, patterns, trims, window designs, and color options that allow you to customize the door to your preferences. Other considerations such as the size, style, and placement of the windows, handles, and hinges allow you to create your own spin on the classic design. You can adjust, combine, and customize each element to fit the design and theme of your home and produce a cohesive exterior appearance to create a garage door style that’s unique to you.

Durability and Quality

The materials and options for a carriage door can provide a durable and weatherproof garage door that maintains a high-quality appearance for a long time. These doors often feature a wood or steel structure with the added style, protection, and design of vinyl or composite overlays. These materials provide treatments and elements that protect the door and materials against rust, rot, rain, dirt, and more. Carriage garage doors are built to last in all climates and environments.

Updated Options 

While the original design of a carriage door required them to swing forward, updated options and technology now offer the same appearance and style of the carriage door with the ability to open vertically or in any direction deemed most efficient for your garage or driveway. You can now achieve and enjoy the classic design of the carriage door with the benefits and convenience of modern technologies. You can also add modern features such as automatic openers, a passcode lock, or garage remote openers.

Carriage Doors From Overhead Garage

At Overhead Garage Door, our services provide our customers and communities with high-quality doors, installation, technology, and repairs. Our staff work to sell, install, and repair all types of garage doors for both residential and commercial needs. We stock various styles from eight different companies so you can find the design and manufacturer that works best for you and your home or business. Garage door technicians provide specialized care and practices to ensure your garage door provides the best function and protection for your home and cars.

Our carriage doors feature advanced technology and modern features for overhead roll-up systems and the most durable materials. During the installation process, our trained technicians can add an automatic garage door opener system as an optional add-on. Our garage door openers provide different styles and methods so you can select the best garage opener for your needs. We also offer services and trained technicians to perform repairs and realignments for doors with broken springs and tracks or malfunctioning openers and technologies.

The right garage door can add the finishing touch to the style and appeal of your home’s exterior. Carriage doors offer a great option for those looking to add a unique yet simple visual appearance to their garage. At Overhead Garage Door, we work to get you the best value to ensure your garage door meets all your needs and provides a durable product for you and your home.

If you’re looking to explore available designs, options, and installation for your garage door, you can contact us at Overhead Garage Door to talk with one of our specialists. We offer carriage doors as well as other styles so you can find the perfect fit for your home and aesthetic.