Carriage Garage Doors for Sale in Chicagoland & Southeast Wisconsin

With so many types of garage door styles available, you might not know which one to select for your home. If you’re searching for a more classic garage door, you might want to consider a carriage door. Unlike the garage doors you’re probably accustomed to, these doors harken back to a time when homeowners would pull open the doors by hand, and they would swing out or fold in instead of lifting up. The carriage-style doors of today combine the best of both styles into one, giving you the old-world style with modern conveniences.


Carriage Garage Door Installation

This is an example of a carriage style garage door by Clopay.

When it comes to the installation of your carriage-style garage door, you want to hire the best company. At Overhead Garage Door, we walk you through the entire installation process to make sure you’re completely satisfied. Once you determine if you want a wood, vinyl, aluminum, steel, or fiberglass carriage-style door, decide what hardware designs and color variations would complement your home the best. Keep in mind that wood and aluminum doors might not be the best choice due to Midwestern weather. If you still desire a wooden look, opt for doors that feature a wood-grain finish.

Our professional team members then visit your home and give you a free estimate, which includes measurement and project assessment. This way, you know what to expect when it comes to the carriage garage door installation costs. After you agree to our assessment, sit back and relax as our factory-trained and certified employees seamlessly assemble and install your new garage door.


What Is a Carriage Style Garage Door

If you’re seeking a garage door to complement your mid-century modern or colonial home, consider a carriage-style option. This type of door, which is also called side-hinged and swing-style door, gives your home a historic charm thanks to its traditional barn door appearance.

Originally, these doors were made of wood and contained iron hinges. The hinges at the side swung outward so people could easily bring their horse and carriage inside. Today’s carriage garage doors feature intricate woodwork, and many of which have crisscross planking, large handles, and decorative windows.


What Types of Carriage-style Garage Doors Are Available?

At Overhead Garage Door, we are a certified dealer of high-quality garage door from several manufacturers. Some of the more popular options include the following:


We offer several types of carriage-style garage doors from Amarr. The Classica is a stamped steel carriage house garage door that has more than 100 authentic-looking design options, while the Hillcrest line is an affordable choice if you’re searching for excellent value and design. Its Designer’s Choice is known for its superior energy efficiency, and the Oak Summit line has more than 70 different styles.


We carry two different types of carriage-style doors from C.H.I. Garage Doors. The Carriage House Overlay is available in wood, steel, and fiberglass designs and also features window options. The Carriage House Stamped resembles historic carriage doors thanks to its steel design and embossed wood grain finish.


Clopay carriage style garage door installation in Lake County, IllinoisClopay, which is North America’s largest manufacturer of residential garage doors, offers a variety of styles, including several carriage options. Its Coachman and Reserve collections are available in an array of steel and wood designs, while its Gallery collection has several affordable choices.

Haas Door 

Although Haas Door only has one carriage-style garage door option, it’s a popular selection. Its American Traditional Series has detailed wrought iron hardware to enhance its appearance and is available with either 10- or 12-window designs.

Ideal Door 

You’ll find two types of carriage-style garage doors manufactured by Ideal. Its Good Designer Steel Garage Doors are one of the company’s most cost-effective offerings and include insulated and one-panel options. Otherwise, its Good Premium Handcrafted Garage Doors resemble an authentic carriage house garage door.


Established in 1995, Timberlane creates eye-catching garage doors. Its Carriage Collection has customizable designs so you can select the panel and milling designs as well as your favorite color.

Wayne Dalton 

We offer several different carriage-style garage doors manufactured by Wayne Dalton. Choose among wood, steel, fiberglass, vinyl, and aluminum styles among its 16 residential garage door collections.

Benefits of a Carriage-style Garage Door

Since garage doors are often found at the front of the home’s facade, you might opt for a door that enhances your home’s style and value. Carriage-style garage doors do well on both of these aspects thanks to their strong lines and classic appearance.

Replacing your old garage door with a carriage-style one not only gives your home better curb appeal, but it provides you with several other key benefits. Some of these perks include the following:

It Eliminates the Need for an Overhead Track

Since these types of doors swing out, they don’t need a track. If your garage has high ceilings, having a garage door that relies on a track can be impractical. Also, if you store many tall items in the garage, a track can make it difficult to put these items away. Eliminating the track can give you additional space.

It Provides Natural Light

Many carriage-style garage doors feature small windows that allow light to pass into the garage. Since they’re too high for people to see inside easily, these windows give you natural light while protecting your privacy.

It Is a Low-Maintenance Option

Since carriage-style garage doors swing in and out, they don’t run the risk of getting stuck as roll-up doors do. Also, since these doors are typically made out of materials that can withstand drastic changes in temperatures that the Chicago area experiences, they don’t need to be replaced as often.

Choose Overhead Garage Door to be the ones to help you with the installation of your carriage-style garage door. Since 1981, we have serviced Chicagoland, including several counties in northwestern Illinois and southwestern Wisconsin, assisting in both residential and commercial garage door installations. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and learn why we’re the largest full-service door dealership in the area.