Genie® Garage Door Opener

Genie garage door openers

With your family’s busy lifestyle, time is precious. You don’t have a moment to spare and every second needs to count. An outdated, unreliable, slow garage door opener not only is an annoying inconvenience, but it robs you of time that you will never get back. If an upgrade of your garage door opener is long overdue, than you need look no farther than Genie. Overhead Garage Door Inc. is proud to offer Genie Garage Door Openers to homeowners throughout Chicago, IL and the surrounding suburbs.

For generations, Genie has been the gold standard when it comes to garage door openers that provide for their owners unmatched reliability, speed, and safety.

The innovative research and development department at Genie continues to work tirelessly in order to provides customers with state-of-the-art, high-performing, cutting-edge products.

The contemporary line of Genie Garage Door Openers available from Overhead Garage Door Inc. – which include the TriloG, ReliaG, and IntellaG series – are the industry’s best. These openers are modern, quiet, simple to operate, and utilize the latest in cutting-edge technology. Each Genie Garage Door Opener is backed by one of the best warranties in the industry.

The upgradeable innovations in a Genie Garage Door Opener include the network adapter and closed confirm remote.

The network adapter expands the communication capability of a IntelliG or TriloG garage door opener. Just like a computer’s USB flash drive, the network adapter plugs into the back of the unit. A single network adapter has the capability of communicating with multiple additional accessories. It also leaves the owner with a plethora of future options including new products and innovations like home automation.

The closed confirm remote provides the answer to the nagging question of, “Did I close my garage door?”

Upon command, an owner can be instantly provided with an audible and visual confirmation of whether an overhead garage door did or did not close. A green indicates the door closed, but a red light is a notification that it did not.

It is simple to operate with easy-to-find buttons and a low-battery warning. It can operate on up to three openers.

AC Motor Screw Drive Series

Genie AC Motor Screw Drive Garage Door OpenerWhether you choose the 1000 or 1200 models, the Genie IntelliG Belt/Chain will provide you with modern design, quiet and efficient performance, and many conveniences that are sure to conform to your family’s busy lifestyles. It is ideal for just about any overhead garage door.

The belt or chain of the IntelliG can handle overhead garage doors as high as 14 feet and you can have rest assured with the knowledge that the motor and gearbox are backed by a lifetime warranty.

A powerful 140-volt direct current motor on each of the models allows for smooth, quiet functioning with soft start and soft stop. It plugs into any standard home electrical outlet.

Push button programming makes setup a quick and easy task.

The IntelliG 1000 and 1200 openers also feature interchangeable C-channel belt/chain rails, giving the homeowner a plethora of opener options.

Several of this model’s features will ensure that installation will be completed in as little time as possible. The powerheads, which weigh less than 8 pounds, can be attached to the rails with just four screws. Other fabulous features include quick-connect wiring, color-coded C-channel rails, and SmartSet Electronic Programming to enable the setting and adjustment of limits and force.

The IntelliG 1000 features a three-fourths horsepower motor and bright lighting that is sure to illuminate your entire garage. It operates at a speed of 7.5 inches per second.

The IntelliG 1200 includes a heavy-duty three-fourths horsepower-plus motor and the additional security benefits of powerhead integrated motion lighting. It will provide you and your family with up to 200 watts of light when you need it the most.

It operates at a speed of 9 inches per second, insuring simple and fast entries and exits to and from your garage.

The IntelliG’ 1200’s remote includes Intellicode 2, a cutting-edge encryption system. The Auto Seek Dual Frequency System will respond to your commands regardless of surrounding frequency interference, automatically seeking the 315 or 390 MHz frequency.

DC Motor ReliaG Series

Genie DC Motor ReliaG Garage Door OpenerWhether you choose the 600 or 800 models, the Genie Professional line ReliaG Overhead Garage Door Opener will provide you and your family with many years of reliable operation while also fortifying your home’s security and improving its energy efficiency.

Both models feature an easy-to-use, state-of-the-art Intelicode 1 Access Security System, a simple-to-use wall console, and the convenience of a three-button remote control.

During these difficult economic times, do you believe that you cannot afford a new overhead garage door opener? The ReliaG 600 overhead garage door opener, designed with the budget conscious home owner in mind, includes a half-horsepower motor, an opening speed of up to 6.5 inches per second with a belt drive. The ReliaG 600 utilizes an energy efficient, single 75-watt light system.

The motor is backed by a five-year limited warranty and the model’s interchangeable chain or belt drive is compatible with the ReliaG 800 should you choose to upgrade your system in the future.

The ReliaG 600 is compatible with sectional doors as heavy as 350 pounds and as high as 8 feet.

With added features, the ReliaG 800 overhead garage door opener delivers superior durability and performance at a reasonable price.

The ReliaG 800 includes a half-horsepower plus direct current motor with an opening speed of up to 7 inches per second. A cutting-edge dual light system can provide a maximum 120 watts of light.

The ReliaG 800 will provide you with many years of reliable service and can handle overhead garage doors as heavy as 500 pounds and as high as 8 feet.

The ReliaG 800 includes the peace of mind of a 10-year limited warranty on the motor. The chain or belt drive is interchangeable and is compatible with a chain lift or belt lift on model 1024.

DC Motor TriloG Series

Genie DC Motor TriloG Garage Door OpenerWhether you choose the 1200 or 1500 models, the Genie TriloG Direct Drive Screw overhead garage door opener will provide you with many years of reliable, powerful, and fast performance. Both models offer superior design and maximum lifting force. The TriloG was built in order to provide convenience for the busy lifestyles of their owners.

Both TriloG models include motion lighting to provide reliable security and peace of mind. They are maintenance free, provide 14 feet of belt or chain, and lifetime motor, and drive and screw warranties.

The TriloG’s Auto Seek Dual Frequency System will respond to your commands regardless of frequency interference, automatically seeking the 315 or 390 MHz frequency.

GenieSense diagnostic and monitoring technology will ensure that your overhead garage door gets the necessary power for each of its movements. The operation of your door will be continuously monitored and operation will be instantly halted when significant changes occur. The overall safety of your door will be enhanced. It also will cut down on wear and tear, and help your door to operate in a much quieter fashion.

A trained professional from Overhead Garage Door Inc. will show up promptly and install your TriloG door. He or she will take the time to thoroughly explain how to operate it and answer any questions that you might have regarding its many features.

Should you wish to install your door yourself, the TriloG Series was manufactured to make the task as simple as possible. A pre-assembled rail comes ready to install and the lightweight power head makes one-person installation a task that can be performed with ease. Push button programming is designed to make the setup of your door quick and uncomplicated.

The TriloG 1200 model includes a three-fourths horsepower plus motor and operates at a speed of 10 inches per second.

The TriloG 1500 model includes a one horsepower plus motor and operates at a speed of 12 inches per second.